Create Your Own Nike Shoes

Do you want to create your own Nike shoes to welcome the Spring festival that is coming? Nike has more than a thousand types of shoes in their warehouse but you might not able to find one that fits your feet. Although Nike launches new shoe models every year, it is highly recommended to customize your own Nike shoes at least once in a lifetime. There are unlimited fun and satisfaction while designing your own Nike shoes. You stand a chance to be the top designer and you are the one who decide the style and colors for the shoe. In addition, you can also decide the material for each part. Vinyl or leather is up to your choice.

People who stay near to a NIKEiD studio can simply walk into the studio and use the kiosk to customize a pair of Nike shoes. Other than the physical NIKEiD studios, NIKE also allows you to customize your own Nike shoes online. As long as there is an internet connection, you can design any Nike shoes online at anytime you want. For those who prefer to sit in your own room to do the work, here is the step by step guide on how to create your own Nike shoes online.

Step 1: Access to NIKEiD online to begin. This is the direct link for NIKEiD U.S. People who reside in Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, China, or Germany can use the same link too. However, NIKEiD USA does not deliver to Australia and New Zealand.

Step 2: At NIKEiD website, select any type of shoes you want to customize. Make sure it has the “CUSTOMIZE IT” icon below the product image. Shoe models such as KOBE Bryant KOBE+8 System, Nike Jordan, Nike Air Max often can be customized. Click on the shoe and then click on “Start Customizing” to begin.

create your own Nike

Step 3: There will be a color panel for you to select the color and material you prefer on each part of the shoe. This is where you need to spend more time to make sure your design is unique. This is where you need to spend more time and effort to create a pair of Nike shoes that no one else see it before.

Other than Nike, you can also design your own Converse.

When you finished the design, you can click on “Add to Cart” button at the same page to place order with NIKEiD. All you need to do is to enter the delivery address and make the payment using credit card or debit card. The delivery is between four to five weeks. You can still do this even you do not plan to buy. The fun to create your own Nike shoes is definitely enjoyable.