Create Your Own Valentine Card with Online Resources

Happy Friday! The bird is singing early in the morning and it would be good to learn how to create your own valentine card online for free. A valentine card is almost everyone’s headaches when Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Thus, learn it earlier so that you will have more time to create a special valentine card for your loved one although Valentine’s Day is few more months to go. There are quite a number of ways to build a valentine card online but here I am going to share you a total free way. All you need is a color printer beside your computer and Photoshop. Ms Paint can be used if you do not have Photoshop installed in your computer.

Step One: Decide the size of your card. You can make an extra large card for a big surprise or just an ordinary card with special graphics. The choice is up to you. Once you have decided the size, open Photoshop and go to File -> New (Ctrl + N) to open a new image. Choose your desired width and height.

Step Two: Get some lovely graphics online. Go to any search engine and look for “love background”. Make sure they are nice and lovely. Open the image in Photoshop and crop the image to make it as background. You can resize or shrink it to make it perfect.

Step Three: Make your own valentine card special with a photo of you and your loved one. Now you have a nice background, try to add a photo of you and your loved one would be a good idea. Again, you can crop the card with a love or round shape using the Elliptical Marquee tool in Photoshop.

Step Four: Put some words on your valentine card. Words explain how you feel for your loved one. It is important to put what do you feel and what you want to say to her or him at this special day. It will be awesome if you can put a Valentine’s Day quote to your card. For example, a quote from Frederick Keonig – “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”

Step Five: Print it out. Get some paper and print it out with your printer. Use normal paper to print a few times and see if you need to edit anything. Instead, you may go to the nearest stationery store to get some plain cards if you want to make your valentine card extraordinary. Last but not least, yours sincere signature.

make your own valentine card

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Steps above are one of the greatest ways to design a customized valentine card. Alternatively, you can always use an Android app or iPhone App to create a valentine card. Sincerely Ink, YourCards, Postale, Artogram, Red Stamp, SnapShot Greeting Card, Bill Atkinson PhotoCard, Postagram, someecards, Cards (by Apple), Phoster, and Postino are a few famous apps that allow you to make your own card. If you have a better idea to create your own valentine card, please share it with the comment function below. All the love birds in the world would like to hear that.

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