Design Your Own Rubber Bracelet

While Halloween Day is around the corner, everyone is busying to design their costume. It will be cool if you can design your own rubber bracelet and wear it with your costume. Whether you are wearing Kick Ass Hit Girl costume or Gotham Girls Harley Quinn costume, you will always look better with a unique rubber bracelet. It is extremely easy to customize a rubber bracelet with a little cost. For those who have been searching how to make your own rubber bracelet, the step by step guide here will be very useful to you. Trust me, they are really delicious!

design rubber bracelet

Step One: Go to an online store that sell wristband and rubber bracelet. Make sure the store allows you to customize your own bracelet. For example, Wristband Creation is one website that allows you to design your own rubber bracelet. Of course it is not the only website that has customized bracelet. There are a few more out there such as Amazing Wristbands.

Step Two: Choose your preferred rubber bracelet type. Debossed, dual layer deboosed, debossed heart, imprinted, deboss-fill, ink filled debossed, embossed, phat, multi-color, marbleized, debossed tire, plain tire, golf debossed, silkscreen, 2 striped, 3 striped, and custom color are some of the available bracelets. In addition, select the size of the rubber bracelet or you can go for a custom shaped. There are also UV reflective silicone bracelets where the color will change under the sunshine ultra-violet light. One very attractive rubber bracelet is the Glow in the Dark. It is an awesome way to promote a message in the dark. This is best for Halloween party, night party, disco, pub, or any night clubs occasion.

rubber bracelet

Step Three: Now that you have decided the type you want. Click on the Color Pantone Chart to select a color you want to put on your customize rubber bracelet. The color palettes have enough color to inspire your ideas. Select an available font once you have decided your preferred color. There are Alba, All Star Resort, Antsy Pants, Arial, Badaboom bb, Bank Gothic, Bauhaus, Baveuse, Beckasin, Black Head, Comic Sans MS, Stonehenge, Tahoma, Times New Roman, and other amazing fonts available.

Step Four: Here you have the font and the color you want. It is time to select an available logo. There are many logos available in Wristband Creation such as Skull, Paw, Eagle, Devil, Ai, Baseball, Heart, Smile, Superman, Goose, Male, Star of David, Alien, Yin Yang, and others. You can also create your own logo and make it on your rubber bracelet. Last but not least, select the size of your bracelet. Standard size for an adult is in between 8” and 8.25”. Youth size is about 7” to 7.5”. Make sure you know your size before you start to design your own rubber bracelet.

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