Create Your Own Superhero

There are three things you need in order to create your own superhero that is totally different from others – creativity, imagination, and characteristic. During our childhood, most of us used to imagine that one day our superhero will come and save us if we are in trouble. The imagination is very much depends on who is your superhero. If superman is your superhero, then he will come when you are in trouble. On the other hand, Batman will come with his Batmobile to save you from danger if you love Batman. This shows that everyone has got a superhero in their heart. Every superhero has their own character and special power and that is what makes them attractive.

In this internet age, hundreds of online flash games are available out there and you can create one superhero at anytime you want. Few ten thousands of superhero has been created over the years but only a few becoming really popular these days. Here are some questions-and-answers tips on creating a brand new superhero for your own. Who knows you can bring them to Marvel and put them in movies or novels one day?

First, think of a cool name

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s superman! Yes, superman is a cool man. Think of a cool and easy to remember name for your own superhero. Do not use any name that has been used before. That doesn’t cool at all. Do not use any common name too. Superhero are sometimes just like supercars, nobody would like to purchase a supercars with ugly name. Take the Bugatti Veyron for example, isn’t the name is cool? Some top rated cool superhero name are Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Catwoman, and The Green Lantern. What would be yours?

What kind of power you want your superhero to have?

Do you want your superhero to be able to fly? Do you prefer your superhero to have a steel body? Are their bodies bulletproof? Are they able to punch a huge hole on wall? Imagination is limitless but you should not make your superhero too strong. They should at least have a few classic powers that normal human do not have – the ability to fight, fast speed, imperviousness, and others.

create your own superhero

Does a superhero need a vehicle?

A superhero like Batman who doesn’t fly or without the ability to move fast definitely needs a transport. However, it doesn’t mean Superman could not have a car. It’s your own superhero and you can give him anything you want. Batmobile, The Black Beauty (from The Green Hornet), The Batman Tumbler, The Batpod, and Captain Nemo’s Otto Mobile are all cool vehicles superhero owns.

Batman's Tumbler
Batman’s Tumbler – An awesome vehicle for superhero

Do you need a weapon? If yes what kind of weapon?

Not every superhero has the ability to use Kamehameha like Goku. A powerful yet good-looking weapon can sometimes make your superhero look cool. An indestructible shield that can be thrown is Captain America’s best weapon at all time. It looks like manhole cover in New York City but the creator of Captain America put a really nice design on it with a star in the middle. That’s what make a normal manhole cover become a superhero’s weapon. Besides, you can also power up a normal weapon and give it to your superhero. A superhero with some awesome weapons will definitely cool! Need some idea? Try to check out Batman’s Batarangs, Green Lantern’s Power Ring, Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters, and Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer.

Batman and Spider-Man weapons
Batman’s Batarangs and Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters

What is the story that makes the hero a superhero?

A beautiful story can always make your superhero well-remember. Do you remember how Peter Parker returned to become Spider-Man again after Uncle Ben death? The death of Uncle Ben is one of the most notable parts in the Spider-Man stories. A superhero will be completed if there is a complete story behind him.

Create your own Superhero costume 

When it comes to a costume for Superhero, it is very much depends on your creativity. Some people do think Superman’s red color underwear is ugly but it is now an icon. A superhero with the ability to fly usually wear a cape but you can still make it special in your own way. At least Iron Man does fly without wearing a cape. A pair of winged shoes will be a great idea for superhero with the ability to fly. Always keep in mind that this is your own Superhero, you can do whatever you want to make it nice. If it is a super girl, you can even create a costume with pushup bra for her. You can also get your superhero a mask or some other accessories like cuffs, winged shoes, crown, or lantern costume.