Design your own tattoo

Do you know that having tattoo is like having drug? You may worry it hurts you during the process. However, if you have gone through the process for the first time, you may want to get more and more tattoos on your body. Indeed, tattoos are addictive. There are many ready made tattoo designs available at tattoo shops, having one or two is good but you will have to design your own tattoo if you want a really cool one. Here in this article RYU is going to share you some tips to create your own tattoo. Make sure you create it in a unique way so that other people who look at it will shout “Hey, that tattoo is so so so cool! Where do you get that?” Before you begin, make sure your age is eligible to be tattooed. In some state such as Georgia, you must be 18 years old in order to get tattooed.

Where do you want to be tattooed?

So, how to create one tattoo that is truly unique? First of all, decide where you want to be tattooed. This is important because not all body parts are shaped equal. You can be tattooed in any part of your body including private area. You can choose to be inked at one of the top ten famous places such as: lower back, wrist, foot, ankle, armband, back or back-piece, arm, chest, breast, or neck. Perhaps lower back is the first preference for a girl getting her first tattoo because it is exposed at the beach while wearing bikini but covered up from the rest of the world.

sexy lower back tattoo
Sexy lower back tattoo

Use symbols

Design your own symbols is always a great idea if you are able to draw something out of nothing. Once you have created your own symbol, bring it to a tattoo artist and have him consult you. An experience tattoo artist can always refine your ideas and make it a better one for you. Thus, if you don’t prefer to use any words for your tattoo, use symbols!

symbolic tattoo
Symbolic Tattoo

Use your own philosophy

Once you have created your own symbol or logo, it would be nice if you can put on your own philosophy on it. It can be either a sentence or just a few meaningful words.

Use the right colors

Choosing the right tattoo colors is very important. Dark-skinned person may not have the same results as a fair-skinned person. If your skin is darker, you may choose a brighter color but that does not mean you can’t choose any darker colors. It is all depends on your own design as well as the entire concept. Generally, yellow color is prone to fading faster than other others over the time. Colors that can be last longer are usually those darker colors such as black.

colorful tattoo
Colorful Tattoo

Express yourself honestly

Nowadays, tattoo is no longer just a piece of art that inked to human’s body. It is also an art where oneself can express honestly to another. Therefore, it is important for you to think how you can express yourself honestly to another when design your own tattoo. For example, a woman who has a tiger tattoo at her lower back is expressing three things – sexy, sensual, and sentimental. Have you got your own idea now?