How to Make a Rubber Band Car Uniquely

Thousands of rubber band cars were created each year just for the rubber band car competition. Some are really well designed while some are just a simple one. Here you can find a few easy steps on how to make a rubber band car uniquely by using a clothespin, a few toy car wheels, iron wire, some recycle stuffs, and a power rubber band. We guarantee you never seen this kind of rubber band car before because they are created uniquely. So, what are the things you need in order to create a fast rubber band car?

Material and Tools Needed 

  • Prepare a good quality yet light-weight clothespin. The lighter the better because the car needs to go as fast as it can. Choose a cool looking clothespin as it will be the body of your rubber band car. Alternatively, you can use plastic botols, polyethylene foam, pinewood, cardboard, or other material. Creativity is what you need.
  • As for the wheels and axle, the fastest and easiest way is to get a set of cool wheels from any unwanted used toy cars. The idea we are sharing here needs only three wheels, kind of special right? We have seen other people use CD, wood, plastic, plastic + rubber, cardboard as wheels. Do you have a better idea?
  • Last but not least, prepare a piece of high quality rubber band. This is the most important because better quality rubber band allows better pickup as well as higher top speed.
  • Get ready a pair of scissors, a small knife, ruler, pencil, needle nose pliers, cutter, masking tape as well as glove and eyeglasses (for protection).

Step 1: Nothing can be easier than using a clothespin as rubber band car body. This helps to save up a lot of your time. Now attach the axle and wheels you prepare to the clothespin through the hole. It should look like the alphabet “A”.

rubber band car

Step 2: Create a cool front steering and attach one wheel to the steering. Use the needle nose pliers to form the shape you want and cutter to cut the ion wire. You can also use some black mask tape to build the handle.

rubber band car

Step 3: Attach the front wheel and handle to the front of the clothespin (your rubber band car body). Now attach the rubber band you prepared to the real axle as shown in the instructions below. The left hand image is the correct way to do it while the right hand image is the wrong way to do it. Attach another end of the rubber band to the front handle you build in step 2.

rubber band car

Generally, most of the rubber band cars are attach to the front axle. However in our easiest way to build a fast rubber band car, you will only need to attach it to the front handle. What else now? Bring the car out and calculate the top speed!

rubber band car
Idea and images to make this rubber band car is taken from: Build a rubber band powered car.