Create Your Own Superhero with Marvel

Perhaps you should try out Marvel’s Superhero Avatar Creator if you are looking to create your own superhero. It is fun, amazing and awesome! Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Hulk, or any superhero from Marvel is available online. You can play the mix-and-match game with the Superhero Avatar Creator. It has unlimited fun because you can place Spider-Man mask on Iron Man’s head, you can also design Iron Man costume and put them on Wolverine’s body. Hulk can use Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer too. Once you have completed your own superhero, you can save them into your local computer or send it to your friends. If you have never tried it before, here are the steps on how you can create your own superhero with Marvel.

Step 1: Go to or hit the direct link here. You will then see five famous Marvel’s superhero and a huge BEGIN button in the middle. Let’s BEGIN!
Create Marvel Superhero

Step 2: Select a base body you want him or her to be your superhero. You can either select muscular guy body, Hulk body, or a sexy woman body.

Step 3: You will see a panel appeared at your left hand side and the base body you selected in Step 2 will be appeared at your right hand side. Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and Thor will be appeared under the Hero Packs if you choose a guy base body. Anything you click on the left panel will be fitted to the body immediately. Other than Hero Packs, the selections include skin types, head, upper body, lower body, and accessory. You can customize your own superhero avatar in any way you like. Your superhero can wear an eye glasses. He can go out with or without a mask or a headgear.

Step 4: Once you have select all the needed parts for your superhero, it is time for coloring. This online flash game allows you to have a huge selection of colors to put on any part you like. You can choose any colors for Spider-Man’s mask other than the typical red color. You can also customize Captain America’s costume and make it black and white instead of blue/red/white. Once you have created your own superhero, you can choose to save it, tweet it, or send it to a friend through email for free. That is! That is the four easy steps on how you can create a superhero with Marvel.